Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here is my charming "Ivy Cottage" that was made by the German Wagner firm. With the "Ivy Cottage" over the front porch it was most likely made for the English trade. It is a small house but it has alot visual rewards with its stenciled timbering and variety of windows. Come on in.......

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Here is the interior of my "Ivy Cottage"- a little house by the German firm of Wagner. The interior papers are all original. This house was the perfect "home" for the very lovely and rare German Bing tin lithographed furniture that I've had waiting for years until I could find the house it needed to move in to. I hope you enjoy it! The furniture was found in South America and I'm thinking that it made its way there when some of the Germans flew out of the country at the end of WWII. (Click on photo to enlarge it.) (Note: looks like the soft metal standard lamp needs to move out as it sticks out like a sore thumb!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Canadian Baby House - a rare treasure - Oak Bay Manor

This house is from the late 1800's and was most likely made by a grandfather, father or manor carpenter. It was purchased in western Canada and shipped to California.

The contents have all been "gathered" and are appropriate for the age of the house with a few items being up-dated like the deco bedroom set, tin stove, etc.

The larger scale make it extra fun to play with and although large, Oak Bay Manor is one of my treasures.

The right of the kitchen shows off the lith'd tin container set, cast pots and griddle, state-of-the-art cook stove and the cheery Christmas mottos on the back walls that were lovingly applied by the house's original owner.

The floor tile also came with the house but is perhaps a more "modern" touch.

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Here is the left side of the kitchen and it looks like Cook is preparing a large fresh fish for dinner.

Notice the lovely blue and cream spice set of litho'd tin that includes an egg cabinet and oil can for the stove.

Cook was hired by the lady of the house after her ladyship tasted Cook's delicious gumbo and southern cooking while she was visiting a friend in Alabama. Cook was all too happy to come north with her to Canada.

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The small dining room boasts an antique figural table with four upholstered-seat chairs and a Royal Doulton granny who has stopped in to sell Cook some of her freshest wares.

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Another view of the front parlor or lounge.

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