Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The following few entries are in response to a question by fellow blogger Rebecca about Australia's version of Little Homemaker.
The firm that made the USA version was Plasco (Plastic Art Toy Corp. of America). Dollhouse funiture was first manufactured around 1944 and in 1948 you could purchase a whole room box for $1 !!
Some versions came with a box of furniture and a 45 rpm record (see below).
I never knew they made similar pieces in Australia so I thank Rebecca for sharing that info and the lovely photos as well!
I have a bathroom for sale--scroll all the way down-- if anyone is interested.
Enjoy the professional pictures that come from the pages of American Dollhouses and Furniture from the 20th Century by Dian Zillner.

These are the adult bedroom and small kitchen set by Plasco for Little Homemaker. Notice that the box forms two walls for the bedroom!
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Here is the Plasco Little Homemaker garden set, kitchen and children's bedroom
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Here is the Plasco Little Homemaker dining room set with record. Also the Plasco house with lift-off roof. The made a second Plasco house that is very rare....round house with two levels, similar to the Eagle round house. I have one of these houses and will try to get some good photos of it for you.
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Here is the Plasco Little Homemaker pink and gray bathroom with deco style dressing table mirror!
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Here is the Little Homemaker by Plasco USA pink and gray bathroom with record that is for sale. If you're interested, just email It is currently in my space at the local antique mall but I can retrieve it. I have to check the price.....sorry I forgot!
Hello everyone! Just a note to say that both the houses listed below have sold and have moved on to wonderful collector's homes! My latest miniature and dollhouse sale on July 31st was a smashing success! I still have alot left but I actually can see some floorspace in my storage shed now! Yea!!