Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello! Thank you for the nice compliment Christine. Yes, this house is just full of one doll family's happy gathering. I don't usually use "new" dolls but I love how detailed these dolls are and how they animate a house with all the busy things they are doing, saying and the way some of them even seem to add motion to the room they are in. They were not expensive and I think they look perfect in this home. Usually I collect only period, vintage and antique dollhouse dolls.
To answer Christine's question, I bought actually FOUR houses from Constance King. (I forgot that my large Silber & Fleming house came from her too!) The Stockbroker-- below, the Tri-ang Princess Welsh house-- just previous on this blog, the Silber & F. large house, and a Lines house. The last two houses I have not yet placed on this blog. The Lines house is one of the smaller houses and is not too interesting as houses go but it is my ONLY Lines house so I was pleased to have it. The large Silber & Fleming house's photos were published in one of Ms. King's books and is a truly wonderful house. It has original Evans & Cartwright stoves in all four rooms and lovely antique furnishings. I'll post it someday here to share with everyone.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! I promise to post some of the FOR SALE items as soon as I can find the time on my other blog...watch for them.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Here is my early English Stockbroker house. A new friend, Carola Eriksson, asked for interior photos of my house so these are for everyone interested in the Stockbroker. Thanks for asking Carola!

I bought this house years ago while traveling in England from Constance King, a well-known miniature collector and author. She sold me three lovely houses that I've cherished for years.

My Stockbroker is all original and as far as I know the only things missing are the red and white strips of "window" coverings on all of the windows. I must make that a 2010 project! Does anyone have a sample of the fabric used? Or something similar? I'd love to see what a photo of what I should be looking for.

Welcome to the new "followers" I've not yet greeted. I promise to get busy and post some more "FOR SALE" items on my other "sales" blog. Keep an eye out for some wonderful bits! Happy Holidays...and here is to a wonderful 2010 to you all!

Here is the left side of my Stockbroker house! When cook is done with her meal prep there is always laundry to iron, floors to mop and of course she can always black the stove bits.
Notice the lovely old wooden cradle in the bedroom "bay" that a friend Liz found for me! The cozy "bay" makes me want to sit and read with a cup of tea. Next "bay" down in the kitchen does not "call" me...I've always hated ironing! (smile)

Well....here is a problem!
Papa is in his dressing gown getting ready to shave--or at least that is what he said he was off to do. Who is in the tub? Hummm...
Mama is in the bedroom with the children.....I can't think about it now! (Scarlet O'Hara from Gone With the Wind dealt with her troubles this way too--works for me!)
The papers are original and the wooden bathroom fixtures are German.

Here in the bedroom, the pace is a bit slower as Mama and the children relax a bit before going downstairs. The furniture is Tri-ang Queen Anne with the bed and arm chair "un-finished". It looks like someone perhaps stripped off the dark finish and I've never tried to replace it as yet.
The youngest is sitting in a carved ivory potty chair with a tray in front to play or eat on. This piece is OLD IVORY and when you turn it around, there is a tiny door with an ivory potty pan inside. The little baby girl is made of wax.
The older toddler is playing around in his "birthday suit" and doesn't know we're peeking in to see what is going on. He surely is entertaining his sister!

The kitchen is the workplace of the house. Cook is making a delicious meal while everyone enjoys themselves in other parts of the house. It looks like she was gathering fresh veggies from the house garden!
The papers are all original as is the kitchen dresser, sink and range. Most of the bits and pieces are English.

Here the central hallway of my Stockbroker gives a special "peek" inside this busy household. Maids deliver tea, children chat on the staircase and the lady of the house greets guests as they arrive. English pieces decorate the hallway and staircase, including a dinner gong and grandfather clock.

Here is the right side of my Stockbroker house. Everyone is busy as even more family arrive.

The gentlemen of the house have gathered in the upstairs lounge to talk politics and world news. The youngsters have metal toys to busy themselves with while boring conversation lulls at least one of them to sleep.
The settee is a Tri-ang Queen Anne, the other sofa a 1970's English sofa, and the center table and sideboard are most likely German.

The lounge "bay" has a fine soldier peering out of the upstairs window hoping to catch a glance of his young fiance as she arrives with her family. In the center is a Pit-a-Pat game table and radio. An Elgin chair and a sleeping Uncle complete this lazy lounge bay scene.

Here is the comfortable dining room where the ladies of the family are having tea. The room has all original papers and is furnished with Tri-ang's Queen Anne furniture. Other pieces are English.
(On the back left wall you can see where a previous young owner had placed a "sticker" on that wonderful plum and black and purple wallpaper!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all the kind followers to my Grandma's Attic blog! You all make it so much fun to share my dollhouse collection with some of you who might never be able to come visit. Do remember that if you are ever coming to northern California that I would welcome your visit! How fun that would be! Please know that I just opened my FOR SALE blog to sell the miniatures, dollhouses and other collectibles that I've been talking about for some time. I am selling an estate of wonderful items so do become a follower on http://www.toysandtreasuresforsale.blogspot.com/ to keep up with what I list for sale. I will continue to add items as time permits. Sooooooo.....if Santa doesn't bring you what you're hoping for, do stop in and buy something wonderful for yourself! Happy Holidays! Louise

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I love old postcards and I decided to share one with all of my blogette friends! Here is a lovely Chrismas Greetings from Grandma's Attic - Toys and Treasurers.
Happy Holidays to you all! May Santa bring you all a special tiny treat this year! Hugs....Louise

Here is my Christmas room with a wonderful German Marklin tin fireplace, German red Schneegas wag-on-wall clock, piano and chair, Lynfield round coffee table, StromBecker footstool, fun 1930's clear candles in lucite (these were once earrings!), tiny Christmas mantle decorations in old celluloid and some nice period dolls all getting ready for Christmas.
From all of my dollhouses and me....may you all have a wonderful Christmas and holiday! Happy 2010 too! Thank you for stopping in to Grandma's Attic.....Louise

Friday, December 11, 2009

Here is the interior of my 1948 Keystone, Boston Massachuttes, USA house. All of Keystone's houses of this year sported the same wall "paper" interiors and general layout. Furnished with old pieces, it looks lived in and busy.

Has anyone every seen this dollhouse family before? I have collected for over 30 years and this is the only one I've found. They are made of rubbber and are bendable. The rubber is brittle now but they have wonderful painted features and look so "1940's"! Amazingly, the maid in the kitchen was not found with the original family. I found her years later but she is surely one of this doll's line. I'd love to know who made them, etc. Any ideas?

Here is the left side of this Keystone, Boston, Mass. USA The Birches. This photo shows the kitchen with it early 1930's StromBecker kitchen cabinets and kitchen table set. The rest of the rooms have a mix of older pieces.

Here is the right side of The Birches built by Keystone of Boston, Mass. in 1948. All the wall decor was the same in all of their various models of houses. This house is complete with fireplace, two-door closet in bathroom and curved staircase.
The furniture in the parent's bedroom is Lynfield and the living room is a mix of old pieces.

Keystone of Boston Massachuttes, USA made their wonderful Put-Away houses in 1949. This is the one-wing, smaller, version where the left kitchen room rolls on rollers inside the dining room for easy put-away storage. The larger version had two wings that rotated into the two center rooms. This house is entirely furnished with StromBecker USA furniture. Notice that the bathroom has a walk-in shower with the original plastic shower curtain. There is a built-in china cupboard in the dining room, a staircase and built-in kitchen cabinets. Wow! Grandma's wearing her fancy underware and Grandpa's sitting in the living room in his undies!! Either their up for a big night or its 110 degrees outside.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The tin stove is a lovely one with its original pieces still attached. There is a working resevoir water faucet on the back wall---probably what contributed to the watermarks on the floor papers at one time. Judging by all the different tin cookware, I bet alot of tasty dishes come from this kitchen!
I particularly love the wonderful old patina that the entire kitchen has. Everything looks so warm and cozy.

Just another view --looks like salami and cheese for lunch!

Here is my Gottschalk kitchen. I have always loved red and green in the kitchen so this one has a special place in my heart. The dolls are early and a matched pair.