Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello Rebecca!
Thanks for stopping by! Love your dollhouses! I have a mass of miniatures to sell that I got when I bought out a toy estate! If there is anything in particular you're looking for, please ask and I'll look for it as I sort through all of these miniatures and toys!

Who lives in the 1884 Charlotte's House?

I wanted to post some interior pictures of this house but the kitchen is a wreck! Mrs. Charlotte is at her wits end so has decided to leave the mess all to Emily the maid.
Mrs. Charlotte is an avid dollhouse collector so she plays all day with her houses and room boxes in the attic play room. Mr. Charlotte is busy in his study enjoying his sword, military helmet and butterfly collections! I wonder who he's watching with his telescope on tripod at the study window? It is odd, but he has a very strong resemblence to the famous Dr. Doolittle!
I am not supposed to mention it but there is a very special guest in the parlor! Queen Victoria is sitting calmly in the corner parlor chair. I do believe that she comes here for a visit to get away from the castle and all its duties. Not being English myself however, it is just my guess! Is she a guest or family? Certainly she will be staying for tea and Emily the maid must try to make tea in that "wreck of a kitchen". Good luck Emily!

Here is what I'm hoping to find! If anyone can help me find one, I'd be very grateful!

1884 English Charlotte's House Update

I've just learned a "blog" lesson! I prepared a nice entry and I decided to view it once before posting...and somehow I lost it all!! So, I begin again!
I truly am a "grandma" and until a short while ago I didn't know what a blog was. My good English friend and miniature lover, Liz, invited me to see her "blog" and it was wonderful! I was so impressed! So here I am in the "World of blog"!
My 1884 English Charlotte's house has been in America since the 1970's for certain. When it actually "crossed the pond" is not known. It has had some re-painting although it looks to have been done long ago; but other than that, it is nearly as it was in 1884. Fortunately, the builder of the house scratched "1884" and "Charlotte" in the foundation under the door and bay window so it makes me wonder how little Charlotte had her dollhouse set up and decorated.
I need help! When I got this house the previous owner set up an American style kitchen in the house which seemed so wrong for a house that we certainly knew was English. I have removed the offending large cast iron stove and want to install an age-appropriate "range in fireplace" of tin or cast iron in this house. I have a good picture that I'll post of something similar to what I need. If anyone knows or has one of these for sale, I would love to purchase it! Here is what I'm looking for. I understand that Evans and Cartright made such a range.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Brazil House

Here is the large Brazil house that is almost five feet wide. It was shipped to California from Brazil in the early 1970's.
A very large scale house so lots of fun to play with. The interior was re-furbished at that time but the exterior has remained the same. Originally there was paint on the walls of all the rooms in the house and now most of the walls have lovely coverings.

1884 Charlotte's English House

Here is one of my latest acquisitions---1884 Charlotte's English house! I love the larger scale of the house and it has both the date and the little girl's name "Charlotte" engraved on the bottom edge underneath the door and the front bay window. We know exactly who the house's first owner was which is very special. The house has been re-painted over the years but remains quite original otherwise. Shhhhushhh....there is a baby in a basket that has been left on the doorstep!
The lady of the house is a dollhouse collector and the gentleman a military arms collector.
Furnished with a lot of lovely Gottschalk furniture, the final touches are still being made to make sure that the furnishings are as old as the house.
I believe that the previous owner added the not-so-pleasant faux stained door panels in the double front doors of the house which will disappear sometime in the near future.

Three new antique dollhouse "finds".....

Here is a "first" for my collection. A large-scale antique little girl's play kitchen. The tin stove with brass fittings, choppers, grinders, bowls and plates must have made for a fun playtime experience.