Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who lives in the 1884 Charlotte's House?

I wanted to post some interior pictures of this house but the kitchen is a wreck! Mrs. Charlotte is at her wits end so has decided to leave the mess all to Emily the maid.
Mrs. Charlotte is an avid dollhouse collector so she plays all day with her houses and room boxes in the attic play room. Mr. Charlotte is busy in his study enjoying his sword, military helmet and butterfly collections! I wonder who he's watching with his telescope on tripod at the study window? It is odd, but he has a very strong resemblence to the famous Dr. Doolittle!
I am not supposed to mention it but there is a very special guest in the parlor! Queen Victoria is sitting calmly in the corner parlor chair. I do believe that she comes here for a visit to get away from the castle and all its duties. Not being English myself however, it is just my guess! Is she a guest or family? Certainly she will be staying for tea and Emily the maid must try to make tea in that "wreck of a kitchen". Good luck Emily!

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  1. Hi Louise, I will keep my eyes open for a range at the miniatures fair this coming weekend!
    Liz xxx