Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I just found confirmation that the tall bookcase in the upstairs bedroom is Westacre-Yea!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

You would think I would get the "hang" of how these postings go...the first one done is the last one everyone sees!! I still haven't "gotten" it as you can read. Rebecca asked for more Westacre so here are pictures of the pieces I have.
Pictured: Westacre 4-poster bed, stuffed arm chair and I believe that the tall cabinet is also by that maker. If anyone has any info on that piece, I would love to hear about it.
The parlor pieces (next photo) are really fun: cane back/seat sofa, cane top small table, purplish stuffed arm chair and I think the green candlestick table is also Westacre. Does anyone know for sure?
I am looking to BUY WESTACRE if you have any for sale or know of anyone you does...
email teaqueen123@gmail.com Thanks!

The next four photos are especially for my blogette friend Rebecca!
These are photos of the Westacre pieces that I have in my collection to date. Someday perhaps I'll have alot more! Right. Even a few more would be wonderful!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Want to Buy: Westacre, England pieces!
I am interested in buying Westacre pieces of furniture, some of which are described in the article at left. I really need lamps-table and floor, bookcase and tables.
If anyone has Westacre FOR SALE I would love for you to email me at teaqueen123@gmail.com or just send me a photo and price at that address. I am trying to complete an English house.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here is the lovely Welsh Princes house interior photos of my back-opening house. The bedroom has the wonderful Westacre 4-poster bed, arm chair and tall cabinet in it. There is a terrific old housemaid getting ready to tend the fire. There are Welsh Corgi dogs running around the house in various rooms and in the front garden....just like the one I have, Sweet William, who my grandchildren love.
All the pieces in this house are old and with the help of a good English friend, Liz, I have some pieces that make it look all the more inviting! I hope you enjoy the tour of my Welsh Princess House!

Here is the Welsh Princess House bathroom with the original papers, sink and tub. The toilet and medicine cabinet have been added. An old dresser and chair have also been added. The faucets were never on the tub or sink (nor on the kitchen sink) so I'm on the hunt to make sure there are some found and installed so my tiny Welsh occupants will be able to turn the water on!
The floor and wall papers in the entire house are all original and in great shape which is one reason I purchased this particular house. I love my houses to be as original as possible for I find that I can never effectively reproduce the patina. Enjoy!

Here is the center staircase going to the upstairs bedroom and bath. My little Welsh girl is playing with her cat on the stairs....I hope she doesn't tip and fall to the landing! Thanks to my husband, I recently had the house "sympathically" re-wired so all the rooms look so much more colorful than before there was light in each room. It is easy to see everything in them now! I love the soft glow from the old shades!

Here is the fun kitchen! Again, everything is English and old except for the little cast iron Kilgore USA wringer washer in the front corner.

Welcome to the interior of my lovely Welsh Princess house! The cottage is packed to the brim with bits and pieces...in the parlor there are some special Westacre pieces: a cane and wood sofa, stuffed arm chair, cane-top table and green chinese decorated cabinet. There are other wonderful old miniatures. Most of the furnishings are from England and nearly every piece is old

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here is one of my very favorite dollhouses - the Triang back-opening Welsh "Princess" house! The thatcher is here today to fix the spotty thatch on the roof, the bee hive is buzzing and of course one of the ladies of the house is working in the garden! The house is completely original with no additions and the house itself just slides into the u-shaped landscaped garden and is not affected by it at all. Just like the playhouse for the young Princess Elizabeth, this house was made so all the little girls in the English kingdom could have the same house to play with. My great-grandparents came from Pontypool Wales so this house is very special to me. I purchased it while on a trip to England and had it shipped, along with two more houses, to California! Next posting I will put interior photos of this house up for you to visit!

Here is the charming entry to the Welsh cottage by Triang. Of course the little Welsh Corgi - Sweet William - dog is dressed in his walking coat and waiting for his tall black-hatted young mistress to take him for his daily morning jaunt.

On the right front of the Welsh "Princess House" there is the kitchen veggie garden! The side kitchen door opens directly into this practical garden spot. The veggies are eternally popping out of the ground and the green beans are always just ripe for picking!

Here is the final full front view of the lovely Welsh "Princess" House with gardens.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here is the McLoughlin Bro. "Dolly's Play House," c. 1900. Notice that the interior is the same design as the house below but this one is a beautiful lithography while the other looks just "colored." Does anyone know about these two versions of what seems to be the same "house"?

Here are more Stevens & Brown USA cast iron pieces of furniture all done in a smaller scale than those pieces in the photos below. These pieces are the sleigh beds, sofa and low table in the downstairs parlor on the left.
The card interior design of this house is an exact match to that found in the wonderfully lithographed "Dolly's Play House" made by the McLoughlin Bro. USA c. 1900. Interestingly, this version looks older, not nearly as colorful or lithographed like that in the Dolly's Play House version. I have both of these houses.
It is my thought that perhaps this house's interior was sold first, or in addition to the other version. This not-as-colorful version of card interior must have been placed into this home-made wooden house to give it more support as the wood exterior is somewhat primitive. Does anyone know more about these two versions of interiors?

Here is a lovely old scene with the furniture made by the Stevens & Brown firm in USA. The furniture is heavy cast iron and many pieces have stenciled designs on seats and table-tops. The floor covering on the right is a reproduction of a painted canvas carpet and the other is a woven rag rug of unknown age. There are some interesting antique accessories in this room as well. Oh! Don't forget the shoo-fly pie on the stove--yum.

Here is a closer look at the kitchen side of the Stevens & Brown, USA kitchen. Enjoy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Here are a few of the old dollhouse items that I have for sale. If you see anything interesting, just email and I can give you prices (if you can't read the ones in the photo) and I can send better pictures if you need them. All nice pieces! Enjoy!