Sunday, November 22, 2009

You would think I would get the "hang" of how these postings go...the first one done is the last one everyone sees!! I still haven't "gotten" it as you can read. Rebecca asked for more Westacre so here are pictures of the pieces I have.
Pictured: Westacre 4-poster bed, stuffed arm chair and I believe that the tall cabinet is also by that maker. If anyone has any info on that piece, I would love to hear about it.
The parlor pieces (next photo) are really fun: cane back/seat sofa, cane top small table, purplish stuffed arm chair and I think the green candlestick table is also Westacre. Does anyone know for sure?
I am looking to BUY WESTACRE if you have any for sale or know of anyone you does...
email Thanks!


  1. Thank you for these photos Louise! The armchair and the bed look particularly comfy - I'd love to curl up on them :-) I think I have a couple of Westacre pieces (bookshelves or cabinets) - they are in a house at my mother's place, so I'll take photos next time I visit her. (Not for sale, sorry!) And have you seen the Westacre room setting in Barbara's houses on the DHPP website? Such lovely furniture, I can see why you want more :-)

  2. HI Rebecca...thanks for stopping in and by all means sit awhile and read or have a cup of tea! I would love to have photos of your Westacre pieces---the more the merrier as they will help all of us better identify the odd pieces out there. YES...I love DHPP and Babs has sent me lovely photos of her collection to use for the article! Have a wonderful holiay! I'll be posting antique miniatures for sale after Christmas. Poor timing I know but I'm too busy now. Save your $$$ to buy yourself a little something after the holidays! Enjoy! Louise