Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here is a lovely old scene with the furniture made by the Stevens & Brown firm in USA. The furniture is heavy cast iron and many pieces have stenciled designs on seats and table-tops. The floor covering on the right is a reproduction of a painted canvas carpet and the other is a woven rag rug of unknown age. There are some interesting antique accessories in this room as well. Oh! Don't forget the shoo-fly pie on the stove--yum.


  1. Loved seeing all of the wonderful old accessories...the pitcher and glasses, pots and pans, and especially the baby in the bathtub...don't leave him too long as he already looks cold!

  2. Thanks Flo for stopping by my attic and viewing my photos! Yes, my poor baby has frozen himself stiff and only has a cold cast iron cradle to look forward to for a rock! Poor thing! Brrrrr

    I'm like you...I love the accessories as they make a room come alive don't they!