Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here is the center staircase going to the upstairs bedroom and bath. My little Welsh girl is playing with her cat on the stairs....I hope she doesn't tip and fall to the landing! Thanks to my husband, I recently had the house "sympathically" re-wired so all the rooms look so much more colorful than before there was light in each room. It is easy to see everything in them now! I love the soft glow from the old shades!


  1. Wow, it looks like I can leave comments today! I've tried before, as I love this house and how you've furnished it. How wonderful that it has original papers - I haven't seen the kitchen paper before, that is quite amazing. You've given it a real feel of an English house - at least, it reminds me strongly of many of my relatives houses, stuffed with furniture and bits and pieces and things to discover all round the place (especially if it was your grandparents' house, and you could be inquisitive!). Really lovely - now, do you have that bottle saying DRINK ME ready? And also the one to make us the right size again afterwards?

  2. OH you really want the second drink to be big again? (smile) I do have the DRINK ME bottle however! Thanks for your comments...I tried to make it like I thought it should be- cozy and filled like you said, like a "Grandma's House." Always room for one more piece, right? Hugs.