Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween to all my friends in blog-land! I love this card! Enjoy! Whoooooooooo!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Here is my new Evans & Cartwright stove that my friend Liz (from The Doll House Diaries and The Washerwoman blog fame) found for me at a recent English dollhouse show. This is the "new" kitchen in my 1884 Charlotte's English house. It sorely needed the proper range and here it is! Now, I need to decide if it looks right like it stands or does it need to be installed inside a fireplace with mantle and chimney breast above it.
I'd love to hear what other collector's think, as to me it seems like it needs a chimney of sorts. I'm not as "up" on the old English kitchens so any input would be welcome! I hate to loose some of the plate rack but it would be fairly easy to install a mantle and chimney breast in the rear of the kitchen around the range I would think. Please let me hear your opinions as to what would look most appropriate! Thanks!

Here is another shot not as nicely done as the first, camera wise, but it shows the kitchen sink and drainboard. The kitchen dresser is in the bay window on the opening facade door. As you can see, I haven't installed curtains yet; something that I seem to always leave to last.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NEED Help in figuring out who ADUA Candy shop was made by!

Here is the interior of the AUDA shop that I need help in identifying. The sign on the wall behind the counter says "Bonbon(e/s) ADUA Fins" . Scroll down to the next photo to view the maker's mark. Does anyone recognize who this might be? I"m assuming it is French but that is all I know.
I was noticing the style of the telephone on the counter at the right and the hairstyle of the clerk. It is Europe v.s. the USA so what? 1930's? 1940's? Strangely there is what looks to be a florescent light fixture lithographed on the ceiling as well. Not sure but it looks like the ones we have now. The shop is beautiful with its dainty, colorful and plentiful lithography on three tin walls. The floor also has a litho pattern on it. All the walls fold down to fit inside the "deep" floor---a great put-away toy! I fell in love with this little shop when I saw it but it has always been a mystery to me! Any help from my blogger friends would be so welcomed! You have all been so helpful to date! I hope I can help some of you in the future.

Here is the maker's marking, "Modele Depose M.B.B.M?" I think I am reading those initials right. Can anyone help me figure out the name of this manufacturer?

This is the right inside wall of the ADUA Candy shop. Lovely lithography on tin with so many details that perhaps it is a candy and gift shop?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swantje, THANK YOU for the wonderful information about my F.A.O. Schwarz large-scale kitchen! I knew that FAO did not actually make the products they sold but I had no way of finding out who the maker was. I really appreciate knowing that it was made by the Nuremberg, Germany Gebr. Bing manufacturer!
Do you by any chance have any idea as to the date it might have been made? I am most certain that the smaller bits in the kitchen are not original, however I believe that the wood furniture pieces, corner cabinet, bench and wall plate rack, etc. with the blue trim most likely came with the kitchen. The floor tiles are distinctively large blue squares --I'm thrilled to know a bit more about this room.
I am really looking forward to receiving your latest book that you wrote on the Christian Hacker dollhouses! I am certain that most collectors of antique and older houses and buildings will want a copy of it!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hello is a wonderful English Pub FOR SALE!! This was made in the 1960's by artist/miniaturist William Briner.
As you can see, the Queen herself has stopped in for a pint...along with her very handsome husband! She decided to honor this pub with a visit because they had so many artifacts relating to her and her reign!
The lovely pub is lighted and has a plexiglas type of front that afixes to the front to keep it clean. On the left is a dress form holding an amazing dress suit for the Queen's hubby---I'm not English and I've forgotten what they call him...not King??? Help??!! It is truly a beautiful piece in itself. The purple box on the left has been sold.
The pub comes with everything in the photo but if you are interested, please email and I will retrieve the packed pub, re-photo it and give you better information on the two commenorative pieces. Price: $250 (US $)- plus shipping. It is smal and not too heavy so I know I can post it thru U.S. Mail or UPS. Enjoy!

Here is a close-up of the Queen and her hubby. There are several very special pieces in this room. One is the Silver Jubilee trunk on the right which is a numbered series of trunks that were made for this event. There is also a wonderful old keg and I will have to go find the box that this pub is stored in to tell you what is inscribed on it but I believe it is from something dating in the 1915-18's. I'm sorry but I packed it away carefully after the recent Toy Event, If you are interested in purchasing this wonderful pub, I will gladly find it and give much better details and additional photos.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I need everyone's help in trying to find some history on this adorable sweet shop named ADUA. There is a note stamped on the back that says it was made in France. So, my question is was this the French equivalent to our See's Candie Store?
I just love the wonderful lithography on the interior walls depicting all sorts of delicious treats and it even has the store clerk behind the candy cases. The walls fold in and it all fold neatly into the base for quick and easy storage. I've never seen anything about ADUA so I'm hoping someone out there might be able to help me learn more about this piece. The lady in the litho appears to be c. 1940's?? What do you think? HELP!!

Here is another one of my large scale kitchens. I love this larger scale to play with as I've always had the 1/12th scale as my norm and some of my older dollhouses use the 3/4 scale...but this is larger and "hunky" and so much fun to handle! I have been enjoying finding things to fill it.
A little girl, most likely the child it was first given to, carved her name "Mary" on the front right edge of the kitchen. My first and oldest grand-daughter is named Mary so I had to keep this one! Enjoy playing in my kitchen!

Monday, October 19, 2009


The Toy Opening Event was a tremendous success!! We had two rooms of eager buyers that stayed and stayed and stayed. With each "go through" they found more treasures for their collections! It was so much fun for me to be able to offer so many terrific miniatures, dollhouses etc. at such wonderful prices for all levels and types of mini collectors! Everyone was so excited.
My husband and I provided a casual lunch so many collectors came back into the sales room again after a nice lunch. They also got to tour my husband's amazing train layout with an incredible village (just like dollhouses only smaller!) He does the train part and I've learned to do the layout/landscaping and effects. He makes terrifically "real" looking mountains and when put together the total effect is magical. My dollhouse room was also open for viewing!
I sold several dollhouses, many room boxes and there are still tons of things available. We sold so many mini bits and pieces that it is mind boggling!!
I am thinking that I will somehow put together a photo package of what is still available for sale and anyone interested may request that I send them a Sales List with photos. I haven't had the time to start putting it together but I will IF I hear from my blogger friends that they would like so see such a sales list. Please let me know if you're interested and I will begin working on "the list". Thanks to all of you who have inquired and who regularly visit Grandma's Attic!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here are some mint-in-box StromBecker pieces~ A large and small kitchen and a great living room! There's a fabulous tea pot, creamer and sugar in a box with an adorable graphic on the front. I have a lot more StromBecker pieces, Hall kitchen table set, Schoenhut pieces, etc....just ask!
In the front is a cute-as-pie pink period bedroom with that adorable dressing table with soft floral print dressing table skirt! I had one just like it when I was in my early teens! Email if you need more photos or to ask questions or for prices:! Enjoy!!

Here is a group of fun items! A mint-in-box 1930's kitchen with a box lid with "to die for" graphics on it!
A gorgeous mirror on stand, tea sets and more. Sorry, someone must have tipped the tub up on end...nice items~

Well....the Toy Event is over....and the remaining un-sold items packed~ Here are a few photos of wonderful toys still available and waiting to travel to a new home anywhere in the world!! If you see something you like or want more info or prices on, just email me at
There are so many items still here waiting for you! I'll try to post more photos over the next few days. If there is a type of item you're looking for, feel free to ask! Kim...I'm posting photos directly to you---just let me know. Prices are great friends!

Saturday, October 17, 2009 is over! My Toy Opening event was terrific! We had many more people than I expected and everyone arrived at 10 a.m. and didn't leave until days end. Luckily my husband and I decided to provide a casual lunch for everyone.... we didn't want anyone to leave just to eat!! Profits were great and there were bargains galore! Prices were below garage sale and it was so much fun to see all those mini collectors finding treasures to take back to their own personal collections!
I met a lot of other collectors, however most were interested in new miniatures and I am only interested in the older pieces. I had so much fun talking "toys" with like-minded ladies!
Some of the people from a dollhouse club that I used to belong to which long ago went defunct came by and we've decided to start it up again which I'm really interested in seeing happen. If you live in the Northern California area, please free to contact me and perhaps you'd like to join us a couple times a year! If you should plan a visit here, be sure to email and ask if there is an upcoming it would be so much fun to meet some "blogger" friends!
When I get through re-packing the items that I did not sell, I will put up some items here that are for sale for anyone who might be interested. Keep popping back to see what's available!! Phew.....I'm tired...and I have hours of re-packing ahead of me tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FOR SALE ~ $25

A friend of mine suggested that I post information on my cookbook, America Cooks - An Album of Recipes, Food History and Folklore. It was published in 2000 and has sold almost a 1,000 copies to date which I am proud of since it has been marketed primarily by word-of-mouth!
FOR SALE: $25 plus postage- Great for holiday gift giving!
To quote a few of the reviewers of the book:
"The best book I read this year! Peppered with history....this opus is a real treasure. As a history buff and a gaudy gourmand, I drooled and chuckled my way through hundreds of ambrosial recipes and a ton of titillating trivia about American foodstuffs, from the Plymouth Rock days through the 20th century - Joe Carroll, writer, columnist, reviewer, Sentinel
~ A fine introduction traces American cuisine from the early recipes shared by various Native American tribes to the present. There are family histories and historical observations sprinkled among the recipes, including recipes and a personal letter from Thomas Jefferson. This is a working book, spiral bound so it lies flat on the counter top, with both covers laminated and waterproof for easy cleaning. But the real jewels are among the recipes - Persia Woolley, author and journalist, Sentinel
"If a woman was to see all the dishes that she had to wash before she died, piled up before her in one pile, she'd lie down and die right then and there." Tangy quotes like these are tucked like blueberries in a muffin throughout....this new volume of culinary history. This is a history book of America's women, graced with hundreds of period illustrations and recipes. Almost every page lights up with a quirky rhyme or funny saying. A treasured gift even for people who don't cook! - Annie Holmes, columnist, Auburn Journal

It has been a wonderful Autumn couple of days which makes me want to cuddle with a good book and a cup of hot tea after baking a delicious apple pie! If I knew you were coming to my Toy Event this coming Saturday, I would surely bake up a few pies!
I have been so busy un-packing and pricing miniatures, room boxes and dollhouses for the last two months that I'll be celebrating this Sunday after the Toy Event! If you ever come up to northern let me know and I'd be happy to show you my dollhouse collection and anything that may still be for sale! Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello all! Just wanted to send you all my invitation to my Toy Opening Event that I'm holding this coming Saturday! I've mentioned that I am selling off an estate of a life-long miniature and dollhouse collector's treasurers and this is my second sale. The first was at a Doll and Teddy Bear Show in October as he had quite a few doll and large doll related furniture, dolls etc. It was fun to mix with a different group of collectors.
This coming weekend I am starting my first sale of the dollhouses and boxes and boxes of miniatures from his collection. It has taken me almost an entire month to open and price everything from brand new high end, to newish "regular" quality items to wonderful antique pieces! If you are in the area, give me a call and you would be welcome to come! If you don't live nearby, feel free to email with any 'wants' you might have as there is a bit of everything here.
The next sale will be for a large collection of childrens antique tea sets! Beautiful sets, fun sets ---almost makes me want to start collecting these too! But, alas, I will keep one for me and the rest are for all the tea set collectors out there. I hope to have that sale sometime in February or March 2010. If you are interested, be sure to email or call.
Here is a far-fetched group of items for sale! I have about five huge plastic tubs of non-miniature Egyptian collectibles.....WOW! Are they amazing to look at. I am hoping to sell them ALL to a collector or dealer for a very very good "lot" price as this is not my area of collecting or expertise. If you're interested or know of someone who is, please email for photos, etc.
Hope you enjoy my invitation! Remember
...."Don't postpone joy!"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanks for asking the size of this F.A.O. Schwarz kitchen! It measures 28 inches wide, 14 inches high and 15 inches deep. If anyone can help me date this wonderful old kitchen I welcome the help! Thanks to all of you who "follow me"!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here is my F.A.O. Schwarz Kitchen. I posted it earlier but a new mini friend, Flo, just obtained a copy of the 1937 F.A.O. Schwarz catalogue so I'm re-posting these photos in hopes that she might be able to help me determine how old this kitchen might be. The kitchen has a store sticker on the underneath so I'm certain it came from there! If anyone else has a way to help me determine its age, I'd love the help. Thanks so much Flo!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Revolutionary Tynietoy Room is one of my favorite rooms. The occupants looks nervous, which is no surprise since nothing less than treason against the King of England is being plotted by some brave American patriots. The last photo gives more info on the Tynietoy Company, c. 1920-40. I'd love to expand my Tynietoy collection.....someday!

The Revolutionary Tynietoy Room in the Glass Cabinet looks so much better with its new decor! Please read the last entry of the three photos of this room for information on the Tynietoy company from the USA. The furniture is just wonderful in these rooms and some very secret plans are being discussed by the men in tri-corner hats. The typically period wall mural adds so much to the room. Hope you enjoy this room!

Here is one of my favorite rooms in the Glass Cabinet! I call it the Revolutionary Tynietoy Room because all of the furnishings are from the wonderful American company called Tynietoy. They produced "cottage industry style" furniture from 1920 to 1940 in the northeast. The furniture is uniquely American in style and so here is my version of an evening when George and Martha Washington had Thomas Jefferson and three other patriot men over for a secret meeting in preparation for the beginning of the American Revolutionary War which was declared in July of 1776. Notice the lovely painted sofa and chair seats; the wonderful secretary full of "books" and the just beautiful clocks and other pieces in the room. Truly one of my favorite rooms...this photo, the last, shows the room before the "redecorating" took place which I now love all the more. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, "the Aunts" have dropped in to visit Mr. and Mrs. ARCADE! I believe that temperance is in fashion but of course there is always a bit of liquor on the sideboard for "medicinal" purposes....or for family visits!
The newer flapper dolls on the left were tree ornaments but the two 1920's dolls on the sofa are of that era. Dressed in silk and feathers, their clothes are beginning to deteriorate and "melt" but they are so wonderfully fashionable that I can't get myself to touch their ensembles in any way. ENJOY!

Oh look! Mr. and Mrs. A have had company drop in! Notice the original "Hitler" magazine on the piano bench and Aunt Flapper brought her two children too!

Here is the "Glass Cupboard" that holds 22-24 rooms of antique furniture. I love this cabinet as it makes for such close-up viewing of these wonderful pieces. I have many dollhouses that are furnished with antique pieces, but in the "glass cabinet" it is so much easier to "study" the individual pieces.
I'll try to post photos of all the rooms over the next weeks, or sooner. Hope you have fun peeking into each room!

This is the ARCADE "nook" furniture from the ARCADE kitchen set. My furniture has been re-painted many years ago in a more realistic chocolate brown color. It originally had been white.
Mr. and Mrs. Arcade are having a chat. Mr. A is listening to the BBC news on the wireless with his serious set of headphones. Mrs. A is waiting anxiously to hear what the latest news might be! The room's walls and floor belong to the ARCADE Bedroom but have been scattered around to help make the furniture blend in to what their natural environment was meant to be. The Laundry room to the left sits within the walls from the ARCADE Kitchen!
Here is the ARCADE Dining Room and Living Room. I love the deep blood-red color of the dining room furniture with its tiny bits on the sideboard just waiting to entertain flapper guests. The two dolls on the sofa are very old - 1920's - but the one at the table is a modern flapper meant to be a tree ornament. The family pet poodle is an interesting "nodder" dog that somehow seems to fit right into this 1920's "comfy" room of furnishings! Enjoy!
Here is the right side of the ARCADE Living Room with its hot pink sofa and arm comfy in its solid cast iron. Next to them is the wonderful piano and stool, and the two styles of floor radios---all ARCADE. The floor in this room belongs to the ARCADE bedroom but it fit so nicely with the blood red of the Spanish style dining room! Notice the two ladies on the sofa...very old flapper dolls--sort of falling apart yet so feminine and appealing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autumn is my favorite season of the year! I also collect "saying" and here is one of my best-loved ones, "True friends are like diamonds precious but rare; false friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere." Wonderful words to remember.
I like to imagine myself walking down this leaf- strewn road in the chill of the morning, with the midst still among the trees. The smell of leaves and all that is autumn surrounds me. I come to a fork in the road and whichever road I choose..... I know that my life follows.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This is the charming period ARCADE bathroom (1925-36) with the tub in one corner and the "shower stall" (actually all they had was the cast iron shower stall base) in the other back corner. Don't you just love the "little dandy" fellow trying to reach the bowl? I took pity on him and provided a lavendar stool to make things! I think we surprised the gentleman...don't you?

Here is my ARCADE 1920-30's kitchen! Don't you just love the wallpaper? I found some old oilcloth in an antique mall years ago. Remember that stuff? Well, I saved it for nearly a hundred years and finally found the perfect place to use it here in this kitchen! it is....the last piece (double laundry sink) of the ARCADE Laundry room that has taken my over ten years to complete! I have two rooms of the ARCADE cardboard rooms which is what you see in this laundry room area. The pieces are a large-scale dollhouse size, heavy cast iron and so much fun! I just had to share some of my ARCADE rooms with you!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My latest dollhouse purchase!!

This has been the "last piece to the puzzle" for my 1925 to 1936 cast iron American Arcade laundry room!! YEA!! I was so thrilled to have gotten this last piece--the #7361 STANDARD (brand) double laundry sink. I love Arcade because they made furniture for little girls (all out of "comfy" cast iron!!) that looked like and were named for the furniture and appliances that could be found in local neighborhood stores. Their slogan "They Look Real" says it all. From Standard laundry sinks, Boone kitchen cabinets, Kohler electric sinks and wonderful bathroom, bedroom, dining room and living room pieces--they all looked as real as Mom's looked! Being made from cast iron they withstood childhood play but the paint on them oftentimes did not. It is rare to find a piece with "no" paint chips. I'm just guessing but I'm betting that biting the furniture must have resulted in a bit of brain cell loss as most certainly they must have used lead paint. This dollhouse furniture is a wonderful collectible regardless and I will share more photos of my rooms soon.

Wonderful Train Show Today!

My husband Harry and I went to a fantastic train show today! He is a grand model train lover and I have fallen into the hobby as well! Afterall, model trains are just a smaller version of my dollhouse town! Harry loves the new super tech trains, primarily Lionel, are the pieces he searches for. I am, however, enthralled with the old pre-war (WWII) trains with their little signs of years of play. In particular, I like the lithographed tin cars probably because of my love for lithographed dollhouse items---be it tin, wood or paper. The Lionel Lines 262E train was one of my great purchases today---1933-34 only---mine is in terrific condition! Pictured at left, it is a smart looking train, with wonderful copper "pipes" trimming the front boiler. Brass trims the windows and a few of the other parts of the train and it has a very heavy metal engine. I will get photos taken soon. I also found the wonderful Unique Lines tin litho'd train cars today that I've been looking at for over a year and decided to splurge and buy the two circus train cars today! Next entry will have them here for you to see! Lots of fun!

Friday, October 2, 2009

For Sale - House No. Three

Here is the third house for sale....

For Sale-- House No. Two

Here is dollshouse No. Two for sale....

Dollshouses for Sale

This is an estate sale of a toy and dollshouse collector's treasures. I am going to start posting some photos of the dollshouses that I have for sale! There is a mix of old, antique and new. I have a lot more photos that I can email you of each of these houses if you are interested in any of them. I will begin by posting three for now...the antique Balcony House, antique White Cupboard House and the new San Francisco House. Please email for prices as I have not set them yet and I am very flexible as we need to move them. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's good to have a "whole bunch" and with no two alike!
This is one of my favorite reminders of what is important to me. When things get so busy and crazy in my daily life, I try to remember the most important things to family and my friends. May you be blessed with both! What did we used to sing? "Make new friends but keep the
old; one is silver and the other gold." lalalalala