Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swantje, THANK YOU for the wonderful information about my F.A.O. Schwarz large-scale kitchen! I knew that FAO did not actually make the products they sold but I had no way of finding out who the maker was. I really appreciate knowing that it was made by the Nuremberg, Germany Gebr. Bing manufacturer!
Do you by any chance have any idea as to the date it might have been made? I am most certain that the smaller bits in the kitchen are not original, however I believe that the wood furniture pieces, corner cabinet, bench and wall plate rack, etc. with the blue trim most likely came with the kitchen. The floor tiles are distinctively large blue squares --I'm thrilled to know a bit more about this room.
I am really looking forward to receiving your latest book that you wrote on the Christian Hacker dollhouses! I am certain that most collectors of antique and older houses and buildings will want a copy of it!

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