Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hello is a wonderful English Pub FOR SALE!! This was made in the 1960's by artist/miniaturist William Briner.
As you can see, the Queen herself has stopped in for a pint...along with her very handsome husband! She decided to honor this pub with a visit because they had so many artifacts relating to her and her reign!
The lovely pub is lighted and has a plexiglas type of front that afixes to the front to keep it clean. On the left is a dress form holding an amazing dress suit for the Queen's hubby---I'm not English and I've forgotten what they call him...not King??? Help??!! It is truly a beautiful piece in itself. The purple box on the left has been sold.
The pub comes with everything in the photo but if you are interested, please email and I will retrieve the packed pub, re-photo it and give you better information on the two commenorative pieces. Price: $250 (US $)- plus shipping. It is smal and not too heavy so I know I can post it thru U.S. Mail or UPS. Enjoy!


  1. Their names are Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

  2. Hello to my English-smart friends! Thank you so much. I did not think "her hubby" was a "prince" so I'm happy to know who he is officially...but I almost have to like BusyLizzie's tag the best..."Phil and Lizzie"!!! I suppose however that upon royal visits such as this one to the Crown Pub we should refer to them as HRH Queen Elizabeth and Price Phillip! I think that it is good that I landed on "my side of the pond" as I have never figured out how the royal order! Have a wonderful day!