Monday, October 5, 2009 it is....the last piece (double laundry sink) of the ARCADE Laundry room that has taken my over ten years to complete! I have two rooms of the ARCADE cardboard rooms which is what you see in this laundry room area. The pieces are a large-scale dollhouse size, heavy cast iron and so much fun! I just had to share some of my ARCADE rooms with you!


  1. Oh, this is lovely! I have only seen Arcade furniture & houses in books of dolls houses where the rooms are not lived in. I love the flowers and the clock (so the maid can see just how long it takes to do the laundry!), and the glimpse of the man listening to the radio.
    Congratulations on completing your laundry! I guess you're still looking out for more rooms?

  2. HI Rebecca...YES...I am looking for more ARCADE rooms if you ever see them for sale, I'd love to know about it. Do you have these pieces in Australia? Our maid at least gets to sit down at the ironer so she's feeling quite is that darn water boiler and wringer washer that made her right arm hang loose (smile)! I also have a few pieces of ARCADE missing from my collection so I'm always hunting for those. Thanks again for "enjoying" my rooms. I'll post more as I get the time. Louise

  3. OH! OH! OH! was all I could say when I first saw your Arcade rooms today. How fantastic! I am familiar with the Arcade furniture, but did not realize they also made rooms. A picture out of we realize how lucky we are to have all the modern applicances!?! YES, please post more pictures...of all your little houses! Flo

  4. Welcome Flo to my attic! I'm so happy you are enjoying my ARCADE rooms! I have the bedroom "room" i.e. walls and flooring and part of the kitchen. They are VERY expensive IF you can find them. I would love to have the rest of them as they really do set off the furniture! I agree....I remember my neighbor when I was growing up had one of the "modern ironers" that I was simply impressed by! I had to do some of our family ironing so it looked good to me...besides you could SIT down and do it. The wringer washer I used at my Aunt's lake home and it was horrible....makes me want to kiss my new front loading, on pedestal (so I don't have to bend over...haha) washer and dryer every day. We are spoiled today compared to our grandmas for sure! Flo, I have over 100 dollhouses plus rooms so I will work on posting as many as I can over time. I decided to start with my "rooms" in my large glass cabinet first so more ARCADE will follow for sure.
    I love your 1930's Rich Tudor house! Where did you get that wonderful linoleum floor? I love it! I also have LOTS of old minis for sale as I'm clearing out an estate of a dollhouse collector. If you have any wants, feel free to email me. I will post FOR SALES soon on my blog. Thanks for looking and do sign-up as a "follower" if you will! Louise

  5. Oh, I signed up as a follower as soon as I saw your Arcade laundry room! My pic is the yellow Dolly Ann house with the green roof. I love your dollhouse cabinet and look forward to seeing at least one new room everyday! It is so enjoyable to see the little houses and furniture that others collect...thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet!!:)
    And I can't wait to tell my family that I have a new friend who has more little houses than I do...thank you for sharing that info! I have about 75, with 63 displayed, mostly Keystones and Rich Toys with a smattering of Swedish and English 50-70's houses...certainly more than I need!
    The linoleum in my Rich house is old wallpaper that came with the house. It looks like real lineoleum; but I also liked your idea of the oilcloth for your kitchen walls, so I will be on the lookout for some for my other houses.
    Have you joined the English based online dollhouse magazine, Dollhouses Past and Present? They have several for sale pages that would be a good place to post your furniture. I never know what I need until I see just the right piece, so I look forward to seeing what you post on your blog. Looking forward to what you post on Friday! Cheers! Flo