Saturday, October 3, 2009

My latest dollhouse purchase!!

This has been the "last piece to the puzzle" for my 1925 to 1936 cast iron American Arcade laundry room!! YEA!! I was so thrilled to have gotten this last piece--the #7361 STANDARD (brand) double laundry sink. I love Arcade because they made furniture for little girls (all out of "comfy" cast iron!!) that looked like and were named for the furniture and appliances that could be found in local neighborhood stores. Their slogan "They Look Real" says it all. From Standard laundry sinks, Boone kitchen cabinets, Kohler electric sinks and wonderful bathroom, bedroom, dining room and living room pieces--they all looked as real as Mom's looked! Being made from cast iron they withstood childhood play but the paint on them oftentimes did not. It is rare to find a piece with "no" paint chips. I'm just guessing but I'm betting that biting the furniture must have resulted in a bit of brain cell loss as most certainly they must have used lead paint. This dollhouse furniture is a wonderful collectible regardless and I will share more photos of my rooms soon.

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