Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here is a house full of Happy Hour Doll House Furniture in 1/18th scale, for my friend Rebecca. It was made in 1933 by Jacob Marx and his Jaymar Specialty Company. Jacob Marx was the father of his famous USA toy manufacturing son, Louis Marx.
The lovely art deco wooden pieces come in dark lively colors--purple bath, green bedrom, egg-yolk yellow kitchen and deep red living room. This is the complete set as I have the original boxes that I am saving carefully---but I had to place this furniture in a house since it is so much fun! Interestingly there was no refrigerator in the kitchen and the toilet top has a stretchy band that spring-loads the open/close function...sort of different! The House is a small Schoenhut green-roof. Like Rebecca, I just love these pieces so I hope you enjoy visiting my Jaymar Residence!