Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here is a house full of Happy Hour Doll House Furniture in 1/18th scale, for my friend Rebecca. It was made in 1933 by Jacob Marx and his Jaymar Specialty Company. Jacob Marx was the father of his famous USA toy manufacturing son, Louis Marx.
The lovely art deco wooden pieces come in dark lively colors--purple bath, green bedrom, egg-yolk yellow kitchen and deep red living room. This is the complete set as I have the original boxes that I am saving carefully---but I had to place this furniture in a house since it is so much fun! Interestingly there was no refrigerator in the kitchen and the toilet top has a stretchy band that spring-loads the open/close function...sort of different! The House is a small Schoenhut green-roof. Like Rebecca, I just love these pieces so I hope you enjoy visiting my Jaymar Residence!


  1. Wonderful, Louise! Thanks for posting this. I love the dolls as well! Hope your knee is going well :-)

  2. Thanks Rebecca.....I liked this odd set of furniture as I do the Jacqueline line as well. I only have the living room pieces of that line but hope to have more of it someday. I'm still gathering photos of Westacre pieces....if you have any to share I'd love to see them. I can't remember if I asked you for this before or not. Amazing what these pain killer drugs do to the ol' brain! I'm up and around but not "out" of the house yet. Someday soon I'm sure. Hugs, Louise

  3. Doesn't it amaze you how bright the colors of this doll furniture was back in the 30s? Did they really have orchid bathroom sets?

  4. HI Florine...I love the truly dark colors in the furniture in this house. How interesting that the black painted detailing was all that was needed for that art deco look! I am sad that the kitchen did not come with a refrigerator however. I am in love with the bathroom and it's round pedestal sink and the "spring-loaded" toilet lid with round bowl....odd but interesting! I remmeber seeing that wonderful green and cream in bathrooms of this time period but don't remember seeing this purple/lavendar color. I wonder if there is lead in that pretty paint? hahaha
    I too love these lady dolls....I'm guessing they might have been table favors at one time but I'm not sure. The deco butler was found somewhere in my travels...looks a bit snooty doesn't he?
    Thanks for stopping by once again! I so enjoy both yours and Rebecca's blogs!! Keep it up ladies! Hugs, Louise

  5. Es preciosa!!!
    He disfrutado muchisimo, viendo todos los detallitos.
    besitos ascension

  6. Hola Ascension! Gracias por ....English...visiting my dollhouses and for appreciating all the small details (todos los detallitos) in my house! I love adding lots of small bits and pieces (details) to make my houses look real! Come back to visit anytime!