Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here is my English Amersham dollhouse. I am not 100% sure that it is an Amersham so I would appreciate hearing from other collectors to see if they can help me determine who made this warm and vintage house. I have always loved the muted tones of the house itself and the painted floral vines add even more charm!
Mr. Toi loves wiping down his 1931 car before taking it out for a Sunday drive however he hates taking out the trash! Mrs. Toi loves her window boxes! The exterior of this house appears to be all original. At some point I wondered if the cream color next to the roof peak timbers had been repainted but I've never been able to decide. The red roof is original paint and the dark timbers seem original. Any ideas?

The interior is furnished with English Dol-toi furniture and the smart inhabitants are also Dol-toi. I love Mr. Toi's brown felt suit and Mrs. Toi's plaid dress and net veil!
The papers are original and adjoining the bedroom is a furnished bathroom in Dol-toi pieces.
I like to fly national flags on the houses that are not from America. It seems so patriotic and makes it easy for visitors to determine where the houses are from!

Here is another view of the two furnished rooms that you can see. Don't you just love this dashing couple?