Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here is another view of the two furnished rooms that you can see. Don't you just love this dashing couple?


  1. You have furnished it beautifully - I love the lounge suite and the bookcase! And the tiny toby jug is just perfect.
    The dolls look like they are made of wood - are they? I didn't know Dol-toi made wooden dolls! I must get myself some more reference books!

  2. HI Rebecca....thanks for confiming my house as an Amersham!! I had always thought it was but with all of you English dollhouse specialists, I thought I should make sure! I too love the lounge set too. I have always loved putting all my furniture from one maker together in one house to get the "look" that they intended with their particular "line" of furnishings.
    Yes...these little dolls are made of wood and I bought them with the understanding that they were Dol-toi dolls. If someone knows otherwise, I would love to know it! I appreciate all the info I can get! Thanks for visiting Rebecca... I loved your EM doll "lesson"! Facinating! Hugs, Louise