Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The following few entries are in response to a question by fellow blogger Rebecca about Australia's version of Little Homemaker.
The firm that made the USA version was Plasco (Plastic Art Toy Corp. of America). Dollhouse funiture was first manufactured around 1944 and in 1948 you could purchase a whole room box for $1 !!
Some versions came with a box of furniture and a 45 rpm record (see below).
I never knew they made similar pieces in Australia so I thank Rebecca for sharing that info and the lovely photos as well!
I have a bathroom for sale--scroll all the way down-- if anyone is interested.
Enjoy the professional pictures that come from the pages of American Dollhouses and Furniture from the 20th Century by Dian Zillner.

These are the adult bedroom and small kitchen set by Plasco for Little Homemaker. Notice that the box forms two walls for the bedroom!
Double click on photo to enlarge it.

Here is the Plasco Little Homemaker garden set, kitchen and children's bedroom
Double click on photo to enlarge it.

Here is the Plasco Little Homemaker dining room set with record. Also the Plasco house with lift-off roof. The made a second Plasco house that is very rare....round house with two levels, similar to the Eagle round house. I have one of these houses and will try to get some good photos of it for you.
Double click the photo to enlarge it.

Here is the Plasco Little Homemaker pink and gray bathroom with deco style dressing table mirror!
Double click photo to enlarge it.

Here is the Little Homemaker by Plasco USA pink and gray bathroom with record that is for sale. If you're interested, just email It is currently in my space at the local antique mall but I can retrieve it. I have to check the price.....sorry I forgot!
Hello everyone! Just a note to say that both the houses listed below have sold and have moved on to wonderful collector's homes! My latest miniature and dollhouse sale on July 31st was a smashing success! I still have alot left but I actually can see some floorspace in my storage shed now! Yea!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

FOR SALE: A lovely Deauville Gottschalk style house with lots of charm. Please go to my other blog site listed on the left of this blog for my "For Sale" items! Lots of nice pices are for sale.
Email me if you are interested or have questions....

FOR SALE......see my other blog site at the address on the left for all the houses, kitchens etc. that I currently have for sale! Lots of pretty pieces!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here is a house full of Happy Hour Doll House Furniture in 1/18th scale, for my friend Rebecca. It was made in 1933 by Jacob Marx and his Jaymar Specialty Company. Jacob Marx was the father of his famous USA toy manufacturing son, Louis Marx.
The lovely art deco wooden pieces come in dark lively colors--purple bath, green bedrom, egg-yolk yellow kitchen and deep red living room. This is the complete set as I have the original boxes that I am saving carefully---but I had to place this furniture in a house since it is so much fun! Interestingly there was no refrigerator in the kitchen and the toilet top has a stretchy band that spring-loads the open/close function...sort of different! The House is a small Schoenhut green-roof. Like Rebecca, I just love these pieces so I hope you enjoy visiting my Jaymar Residence!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello everyone! Sorry for being absent for so long . Things are crazy here right now...I'm going in for a knee replacement surgery tomorrow so I have had tons to do before being able to leave my preschool!
I thought I would add one more fun photo before I'm "on hold" for awhile.
Here is lovely Charlotte, the lady of my 1880 English Manor House. Like us, she is a dollhouse collector and finds her joy in hunting for the elusive dollhouse or an antique bit for each of her houses. She happily sits playing in her German wicker chair with a variety of antique dollhouses whilst her husband plays in the Study on the floor with toy soldiers fighting imaginary battles!
Charlotte is a beautiful doll with bendable wire arms and legs. Does anyone know who made her? She has a gorgeous face! I'll be back as soon as I can sit at my computer! (Click the photo to enlarge it!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks to my blogette friend Florine.....she reminded me that if anyone is interested in either of the two books below that they are also for sale on at reduced prices! I just paid $36 for the doll and $23 for the ad book! Quite a lot of GOLD to save there! Thanks Florine for popping in and for your thrifty reminder!!

WOW! Here is a terrific book that I just found "out there"! This book has been needed for a long time. The photos are everywhere and it is easy to find the dolls you are looking for.
I was told years and years ago that two of my dolls were made by Dol-Toi and just recently I posted my Amersham house here on this blog and a fellow blog friend commented that she didn't believe Dol-Toi made dolls. That got me to wondering.
Thanks to this book I found that Dol-Toi did in fact make dollhouse dolls, and mine closely resembled their first dolls....but mine were not Dol-Toi!
Now I have discovered that my two dolls were designed by Katie Berl in 1943 and manufactured by the Grand Products Co. as their "Mini Doll" line! Pictured in the book was a "brother" to my Mr. Dol-Toi! (I suppose now Mr. and Mrs. Dol-Toi shall have to change their names to Mr. M. Line and Mrs. Mini Line!! ) Oh well!
Here is a wonderful new book and you can order it by emailing: or in England - I paid $50 plus shipping but it is well worth the cost!

Here is the back cover of Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls 1840-1990. Terrific book!

This must be my "month to share"!

I just had two wonderful books arrive on my doorstep today and I wanted to share them with you.

This one is, Dollhouse & Furniture Advertising 1880-1980's by Zilner and it is great! I was quickly able to find the history on a few of the mystery pieces in my collection which made the entire purchase price of the book well worth it to me. It includes dollhouse, some dolls and ad copy from the USA and England; mostly USA however.

The book costs about $30 plus shipping and I'm enjoying it! Have fun! To order: USA-email - or if in England email - Enjoy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Here is the second photo of this room so you can see one of the matching triangular end tables and art deco metal lamps that are also salt and pepper shakers.

Oh no! Where did Harry's Welsh Corgi go? It looks like he has taken off with Harry's 35mm camera....hummmm....what could he be up to?

Go ahead and click on the photos...and feel like you're in the room! Enjoy!

Here is one room my husband Harry begged to "be" the leading man in! Wonder why, eh?
Oh we've popped in at a uncomfortable time it seems. Harry Van Went is trying to get these 1930-40's models all posed "just so" and the work is hard as you can see!
All around the room are Harry's brother, Vincent Van Gough's, artwork.
It seems that Harry's art follows a different aspect than his brothers! The camera is a new-fangled thing and photography the latest medium. The drooling Welsh Corgi dog loves his job as well! Herding beautiful nudies is a lot more fun than sheep or cattle!
The wall and floor papers and carpet are all vintage from the art deco period. I especially love the wallpaper! The Strombecker flocked deco 3 -piece sofa is bounded on both sides by metal deco lamps that double as salt & pepper shakers! The models have fabulous hair styles and are trying hard to listen to Mr. Van Went's directions. Enjoy the "art"!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I thought I would share with you my most favorite "dollhouse collection" DVD! When I need a "quick fix" I pop this DVD in the player and just disappear into it!
(click photo to enlarge it)
"A Personal Dollhouse C0llection" neglects to say who the owner of the collection is but I can tell you that her most charming English accent is one I could listen to for hours.
The viewer is taken on a lovely tour of a huge collection of English dollhouses from the 20th century with dates, sizes etc. given along with a wonderful narrative of what is going on in each little house. Many nice hard-to-find pieces are pictured and I found I could even snap a few pictures with my camera off of the t.v. for pieces I wanted to "keep"!!
This was an English production and when I purchased it I asked if they could format it for USA viewers and it works perfectly.
I can strongly recommend it if you can still find a copy! The disc is copyrighted 2006 and I kept the email address of the lady I purchased it from. If it is still good, you might try to email and see if she is still selling copies as it was well worth the price! Good luck and ENJOY!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here is my English Amersham dollhouse. I am not 100% sure that it is an Amersham so I would appreciate hearing from other collectors to see if they can help me determine who made this warm and vintage house. I have always loved the muted tones of the house itself and the painted floral vines add even more charm!
Mr. Toi loves wiping down his 1931 car before taking it out for a Sunday drive however he hates taking out the trash! Mrs. Toi loves her window boxes! The exterior of this house appears to be all original. At some point I wondered if the cream color next to the roof peak timbers had been repainted but I've never been able to decide. The red roof is original paint and the dark timbers seem original. Any ideas?

The interior is furnished with English Dol-toi furniture and the smart inhabitants are also Dol-toi. I love Mr. Toi's brown felt suit and Mrs. Toi's plaid dress and net veil!
The papers are original and adjoining the bedroom is a furnished bathroom in Dol-toi pieces.
I like to fly national flags on the houses that are not from America. It seems so patriotic and makes it easy for visitors to determine where the houses are from!

Here is another view of the two furnished rooms that you can see. Don't you just love this dashing couple?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here is my German Gottschalk Butcher Shop. I've included it for one of my new Blog friends who likes such things. These detailed and graphic toys were certainly different from any you would find today for little girls to play with but then many of these toys then were "teaching" toys designed to instruct little girls for life's work ahead. This is one of my favorite pieces.
I've added the magic lantern slides to the top ridge of the shop and they depict a particularly charming and quaint old town that is most certainly right outside the door of this equally charming butcher shop. The butcher himself was a treat I bought myself while in England. He has that "butcher" look about him and of course he is wearing the striped apron of his trade. There is a sad looking stray dog watching patiently and hoping for a handout when the butcher gets to chopping the meat.
Everything is old except the butcher and a few of the sausages on the counter. The bluish colored chopping block is a "mystery" piece. I can't decide if it is actually old or just made to look aged but I thought it fit nicely in here.
Enjoy and WELCOME to my new blog followers! I look forward to checking out your sites as well!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One of my "side" favorites (besides dollhouses and miniatures) are old glass slides like this one. They are so fun and the ones I love the most are those that have "movement" in them. Although we're having a very wet winter here in northern California right now, this lovely slide takes me back to the years when I grew up in New York state. Snowball fights, sleighing, cozy, furry hand muffs and a red chilly nose all give me a wonderful feeling of the fun it was when I was young. Hope you enjoy this slide. I try to work them into my dollhouses whenever I can. Soon I'll post my Gottschalk butcher shop and I think I've been successful in using two of them with that lovely piece. Happy Winter to everyone!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pipherville School House - well, it is a new year and everyone is back to school!
The dolls, except for Miss Neyhart, furniture and accessories are all vintage and antique. They have been collected over many years and happily come together to make this inviting one-room school.
This lovely classroom came from Germany and it boasts a real electric bulb that is suspended over the room and a working electric school bell on the right wall! The wallpapers are fantastic! I love the borders and the wall wallpaper itself. I fell in love with the line of black rabbits or hares parading along the side borders.
The wood seats and podium are German as are many of the accessories. The children are all old and two of the girls are having "bad hair" days as you might notice!

The lovely Miss Neyhart is right in the middle of her geography lesson while one little one sits "in the corner" awaiting his DUNCE cap!
The giant school bell on the wall really rings when you push the button on the outside wall!
Miss Neyhart is a new artist-made doll while everything else in the room is vintage or antique.

Everyone is listening to Miss Neyhart give the geography lesson. The little boys in the back room have something else on their minds though! The one is peeking at his friends answers while the friend is looking out the open window dreaming of going fishing after school!
There is a fun "professor" type of doll in the back of the room working on his soft metal desk from France. He's probably trying to figure out the electrics on the wall!