Thursday, March 18, 2010

I thought I would share with you my most favorite "dollhouse collection" DVD! When I need a "quick fix" I pop this DVD in the player and just disappear into it!
(click photo to enlarge it)
"A Personal Dollhouse C0llection" neglects to say who the owner of the collection is but I can tell you that her most charming English accent is one I could listen to for hours.
The viewer is taken on a lovely tour of a huge collection of English dollhouses from the 20th century with dates, sizes etc. given along with a wonderful narrative of what is going on in each little house. Many nice hard-to-find pieces are pictured and I found I could even snap a few pictures with my camera off of the t.v. for pieces I wanted to "keep"!!
This was an English production and when I purchased it I asked if they could format it for USA viewers and it works perfectly.
I can strongly recommend it if you can still find a copy! The disc is copyrighted 2006 and I kept the email address of the lady I purchased it from. If it is still good, you might try to email and see if she is still selling copies as it was well worth the price! Good luck and ENJOY!


  1. hi louise, i'm glad to hear somebody recommend this dvd. i have seen it advertised(somewhere) in the last few months. i'm almost sure it was made by marion osborne, and i think i'll track it down....

  2. HI Christine...Thanks for stopping by my blog--love to see you again. I am fairly certain it was not Marion Osborne's DVD, unless she's done one too or is selling this for the lady who made it. I remember buying it a few years ago off of ebay and I was dealing with the daughter of the woman whose collection it was. At that time they were having trouble with the DVD "gliching" and she said her mom was most likely not going to sell anymore copies of it. I think her name was "Kay" as it appears in the email address I posted on here. I hope they fixed the problem as I love the presentation. IF you find that there is another DVD out there for sale by anyone else, will you please let me know? I'd love to buy it. The DVD is a fun way to enjoy dollhouses collections in a different media. Thanks for your comment and do keep in touch. I hope you can find us another DVD to buy!! Hugs, Louise

  3. hi louise , i sent an email to the address that you gave, so i'm hoping to hear something. you are probably right, i get so excited when i see something 'good' that it sometimes gets tangled with the rest of the stuff that floats around in my head.... it looks to be a lovely dvd.
    i enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!!! xxx

  4. Thanks Christine....let me know if that email is good for ordering more DVD' is a charming adventure! Enjoy if you get one! Louise