Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks to my blogette friend Florine.....she reminded me that if anyone is interested in either of the two books below that they are also for sale on Amazon.com at reduced prices! I just paid $36 for the doll and $23 for the ad book! Quite a lot of GOLD to save there! Thanks Florine for popping in and for your thrifty reminder!!

WOW! Here is a terrific book that I just found "out there"! This book has been needed for a long time. The photos are everywhere and it is easy to find the dolls you are looking for.
I was told years and years ago that two of my dolls were made by Dol-Toi and just recently I posted my Amersham house here on this blog and a fellow blog friend commented that she didn't believe Dol-Toi made dolls. That got me to wondering.
Thanks to this book I found that Dol-Toi did in fact make dollhouse dolls, and mine closely resembled their first dolls....but mine were not Dol-Toi!
Now I have discovered that my two dolls were designed by Katie Berl in 1943 and manufactured by the Grand Products Co. as their "Mini Doll" line! Pictured in the book was a "brother" to my Mr. Dol-Toi! (I suppose now Mr. and Mrs. Dol-Toi shall have to change their names to Mr. M. Line and Mrs. Mini Line!! ) Oh well!
Here is a wonderful new book and you can order it by emailing: USA-info@schifferbooks.com or in England - info@bushwoodbooks.co.uk. I paid $50 plus shipping but it is well worth the cost!

Here is the back cover of Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls 1840-1990. Terrific book!

This must be my "month to share"!

I just had two wonderful books arrive on my doorstep today and I wanted to share them with you.

This one is, Dollhouse & Furniture Advertising 1880-1980's by Zilner and it is great! I was quickly able to find the history on a few of the mystery pieces in my collection which made the entire purchase price of the book well worth it to me. It includes dollhouse, some dolls and ad copy from the USA and England; mostly USA however.

The book costs about $30 plus shipping and I'm enjoying it! Have fun! To order: USA-email - info@schifferbooks.com or if in England email - bushwoodbooks.co.uk Enjoy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Here is the second photo of this room so you can see one of the matching triangular end tables and art deco metal lamps that are also salt and pepper shakers.

Oh no! Where did Harry's Welsh Corgi go? It looks like he has taken off with Harry's 35mm camera....hummmm....what could he be up to?

Go ahead and click on the photos...and feel like you're in the room! Enjoy!

Here is one room my husband Harry begged to "be" the leading man in! Wonder why, eh?
Oh we've popped in at a uncomfortable time it seems. Harry Van Went is trying to get these 1930-40's models all posed "just so" and the work is hard as you can see!
All around the room are Harry's brother, Vincent Van Gough's, artwork.
It seems that Harry's art follows a different aspect than his brothers! The camera is a new-fangled thing and photography the latest medium. The drooling Welsh Corgi dog loves his job as well! Herding beautiful nudies is a lot more fun than sheep or cattle!
The wall and floor papers and carpet are all vintage from the art deco period. I especially love the wallpaper! The Strombecker flocked deco 3 -piece sofa is bounded on both sides by metal deco lamps that double as salt & pepper shakers! The models have fabulous hair styles and are trying hard to listen to Mr. Van Went's directions. Enjoy the "art"!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I thought I would share with you my most favorite "dollhouse collection" DVD! When I need a "quick fix" I pop this DVD in the player and just disappear into it!
(click photo to enlarge it)
"A Personal Dollhouse C0llection" neglects to say who the owner of the collection is but I can tell you that her most charming English accent is one I could listen to for hours.
The viewer is taken on a lovely tour of a huge collection of English dollhouses from the 20th century with dates, sizes etc. given along with a wonderful narrative of what is going on in each little house. Many nice hard-to-find pieces are pictured and I found I could even snap a few pictures with my camera off of the t.v. for pieces I wanted to "keep"!!
This was an English production and when I purchased it I asked if they could format it for USA viewers and it works perfectly.
I can strongly recommend it if you can still find a copy! The disc is copyrighted 2006 and I kept the email address of the lady I purchased it from. If it is still good, you might try to email and see if she is still selling copies as it was well worth the price! Good luck and ENJOY! kayp82@hotmail.co.uk