Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pipherville School House - well, it is a new year and everyone is back to school!
The dolls, except for Miss Neyhart, furniture and accessories are all vintage and antique. They have been collected over many years and happily come together to make this inviting one-room school.
This lovely classroom came from Germany and it boasts a real electric bulb that is suspended over the room and a working electric school bell on the right wall! The wallpapers are fantastic! I love the borders and the wall wallpaper itself. I fell in love with the line of black rabbits or hares parading along the side borders.
The wood seats and podium are German as are many of the accessories. The children are all old and two of the girls are having "bad hair" days as you might notice!

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  1. Welcome were missed! You have such lovely little houses and room boxes. Do love the wallpaper and plan to spend a lot of time looking at everything. Really great! Flo