Saturday, January 16, 2010

Everyone is listening to Miss Neyhart give the geography lesson. The little boys in the back room have something else on their minds though! The one is peeking at his friends answers while the friend is looking out the open window dreaming of going fishing after school!
There is a fun "professor" type of doll in the back of the room working on his soft metal desk from France. He's probably trying to figure out the electrics on the wall!


  1. What a lovely little school room! I love the hares too. The professor is so tiny, he must be quite old and shrunken from spending so much time at his desk poring over his books!

  2. Hi Rebecca....yes...I like this classroom too. When I saw the black hares running across the borders I had to have them! The poor professor....he has surely shrunk with age...and maybe shouldn't be in this classroom but I had to put him here...or perhaps he's a child graduating early because he's so bright? You are the one with the amazing imagination so please get back to me with "his story" if you will. I'd like to explain him somehow...haha. Hugs, Louise