Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here is my German Gottschalk Butcher Shop. I've included it for one of my new Blog friends who likes such things. These detailed and graphic toys were certainly different from any you would find today for little girls to play with but then many of these toys then were "teaching" toys designed to instruct little girls for life's work ahead. This is one of my favorite pieces.
I've added the magic lantern slides to the top ridge of the shop and they depict a particularly charming and quaint old town that is most certainly right outside the door of this equally charming butcher shop. The butcher himself was a treat I bought myself while in England. He has that "butcher" look about him and of course he is wearing the striped apron of his trade. There is a sad looking stray dog watching patiently and hoping for a handout when the butcher gets to chopping the meat.
Everything is old except the butcher and a few of the sausages on the counter. The bluish colored chopping block is a "mystery" piece. I can't decide if it is actually old or just made to look aged but I thought it fit nicely in here.
Enjoy and WELCOME to my new blog followers! I look forward to checking out your sites as well!


  1. I love this butcher's shop, Louise - so detailed. Now our meat is so processed and packaged, I don't suppose little girls (are supposed to) want or need to learn about such realistic cuts of meat!
    The butcher is terrific - I love his face, so like butchers I seem to remember! And the little dog is just perfect for this scene, head drawn to the smell of meat, but frightened of being chased off, so not daring to get too close, poor thing. I hope the butcher throws him some scraps!

  2. Oh yes...poor old Duke will surely get a nice handout from the butcher. Duke knows not to get pushy...but the kind old butcher and Duke are good, old friends. I do love the butcher's face as well as he looks "familar" doesn't he? Rebecca you have such a fantastic imagination... I love how you can just "fall" into a scene! Wonderful! Hugs, Louise