Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One of my "side" favorites (besides dollhouses and miniatures) are old glass slides like this one. They are so fun and the ones I love the most are those that have "movement" in them. Although we're having a very wet winter here in northern California right now, this lovely slide takes me back to the years when I grew up in New York state. Snowball fights, sleighing, cozy, furry hand muffs and a red chilly nose all give me a wonderful feeling of the fun it was when I was young. Hope you enjoy this slide. I try to work them into my dollhouses whenever I can. Soon I'll post my Gottschalk butcher shop and I think I've been successful in using two of them with that lovely piece. Happy Winter to everyone!


  1. These slides are wonderful! I haven't come across them before - were they the 'magic lantern' kind, or how were they used? You have used them very effectively with the butcher's shop - I love seeing miniatures not specifically designed for dolls houses incorporated into them.

  2. Hello Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by again! Yes, you're right...they were old magic lantern slides. One thing I like about them is that the images flow from one slide to another where alot of slides are either an image in a cirlce with a different image in the next circle. Or...they are sort of "slap-stick" humor. These were just so beautful that I made a frame to hold them together and just waited for the perfect place to put them---for 10 years or more I waited! hahaha! I do need to get more light behind the slides and with the flash in front of them they don't look as nice as they really are in person. The colors are terrific! Thanks for coming by again! Louise