Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello! Thank you for the nice compliment Christine. Yes, this house is just full of one doll family's happy gathering. I don't usually use "new" dolls but I love how detailed these dolls are and how they animate a house with all the busy things they are doing, saying and the way some of them even seem to add motion to the room they are in. They were not expensive and I think they look perfect in this home. Usually I collect only period, vintage and antique dollhouse dolls.
To answer Christine's question, I bought actually FOUR houses from Constance King. (I forgot that my large Silber & Fleming house came from her too!) The Stockbroker-- below, the Tri-ang Princess Welsh house-- just previous on this blog, the Silber & F. large house, and a Lines house. The last two houses I have not yet placed on this blog. The Lines house is one of the smaller houses and is not too interesting as houses go but it is my ONLY Lines house so I was pleased to have it. The large Silber & Fleming house's photos were published in one of Ms. King's books and is a truly wonderful house. It has original Evans & Cartwright stoves in all four rooms and lovely antique furnishings. I'll post it someday here to share with everyone.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! I promise to post some of the FOR SALE items as soon as I can find the time on my other blog...watch for them.


  1. Happy New Year, Louise! How nice to have dolls houses bought from one of the early and great collectors :-) I've just discovered that the library in my Mum's town has a copy of Constance Eileen King's massive history of dolls houses, which I have only read once, 10 years ago on interlibrary loan - so now I can get it out of the library whenever I visit Mum :-)

  2. Hi Rebecca....Happy New Year's to you too! The time flies doesn't it? Yes, I have no idea if Constance King is still alive or not....she was elderly when I met her but I just don't know if she is still collecting, etc. In this estate that I'm selling of dollhouse items, etc. I have one of I venture to say EVERY book available on dollhouses---old and new books. If there is one you are interested in, I most likely have it available for sale...at great prices. Just let me know. How fun that you found Mrs. King's book near your Mom's! My Silber and Fleming dollhouse is mentioned and pictured in her book---as the house belonged to her then. That makes it special to me too! Thanks for stopping by....I will add more new photos soon---I'm going to be a Grandma (again--#4) tomorrow so I'm bit distracted! Hugs, Louise