Monday, December 28, 2009

Here is my early English Stockbroker house. A new friend, Carola Eriksson, asked for interior photos of my house so these are for everyone interested in the Stockbroker. Thanks for asking Carola!

I bought this house years ago while traveling in England from Constance King, a well-known miniature collector and author. She sold me three lovely houses that I've cherished for years.

My Stockbroker is all original and as far as I know the only things missing are the red and white strips of "window" coverings on all of the windows. I must make that a 2010 project! Does anyone have a sample of the fabric used? Or something similar? I'd love to see what a photo of what I should be looking for.

Welcome to the new "followers" I've not yet greeted. I promise to get busy and post some more "FOR SALE" items on my other "sales" blog. Keep an eye out for some wonderful bits! Happy Holidays...and here is to a wonderful 2010 to you all!

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  1. nice to see your Stockbroker again, and I remember the crib! If you look on my blog you will see that I cut up bits of old fabric & 1930's handkerchiefs for the curtains on those metal triang windows. I can search for something similar if you like? Liz xx