Monday, December 28, 2009

Here in the bedroom, the pace is a bit slower as Mama and the children relax a bit before going downstairs. The furniture is Tri-ang Queen Anne with the bed and arm chair "un-finished". It looks like someone perhaps stripped off the dark finish and I've never tried to replace it as yet.
The youngest is sitting in a carved ivory potty chair with a tray in front to play or eat on. This piece is OLD IVORY and when you turn it around, there is a tiny door with an ivory potty pan inside. The little baby girl is made of wax.
The older toddler is playing around in his "birthday suit" and doesn't know we're peeking in to see what is going on. He surely is entertaining his sister!


  1. This house is in terrific condition, Louise! The wallpaper in this room is so clear and sharp, I don't think I've ever seen it so clearly before. I love how you've furnished the rooms - and the dolls are very characterful ;-)

  2. Thanks Rebecca for stopping in for a visit! I love the period wallpapers too! After looking at the super close-up of the rooms I see I need to add a few bits on the walls to make them look more lived in. I have a hard time waxing or getting a hole into the wall for pictures, etc. I find my carpenter skills on the mini level for nail placing is not up to par and I hate to use the mini wax etc. as it eventually leaves some waxey mark. Thanks for the compliment...enjoy! Louise