Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here is my Gottschalk kitchen. I have always loved red and green in the kitchen so this one has a special place in my heart. The dolls are early and a matched pair.


  1. Louise, I could get lost in all the wonderful old pieces in this kitchen! I am assuming the lady of the house has a cook, if not, she will need to use an apron to protect her gorgeous dress! Umn, wonder is she is planning a big Christmas feast...

  2. Hi Florine...thanks for visiting again! I do believe this lady of the house does her own cooking---she just loves to make delicious meals for her handsome husband! I think you're right however...she does need an apron to protect that beautiful vintage gown! I just saw the kitchen with a different eye while looking for the "apron" or rather the lack of one. I think the curtains are all wrong....they came with the room years ago. Don't you think that old lace would look better? I doubt they'd have had satin looking drapes in this warm cozy kitchen. Thanks for making me look at it differently. So happy you enjoyed one of my favorite pieces! Louise