Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here is my F.A.O. Schwarz Kitchen. I posted it earlier but a new mini friend, Flo, just obtained a copy of the 1937 F.A.O. Schwarz catalogue so I'm re-posting these photos in hopes that she might be able to help me determine how old this kitchen might be. The kitchen has a store sticker on the underneath so I'm certain it came from there! If anyone else has a way to help me determine its age, I'd love the help. Thanks so much Flo!


  1. Hi Louise! This wonderful old kitchen is not in the 1937 Schwarz catalog, sorry! I looked back thru your blog earlier and wondered if this was the one you mentioned. The old catalogs are such a great resource...but we need copies of each year! I did a quick check of the Zillner books and didn't find anything under Schwarz, but perhaps she has it listed under the maker. This gives me a good excuse to enjoy her books instead of doing what I need to do! What is the scale size of this kitchen? Was it a room box, or would the furniture fit one of the lovely old houses of the 1900-1915 era? Hopefully someone will come up with an answer. Cheers, Flo

  2. Hi Flo....thanks for asking...I just ran out and measured this kitchen. It is large; 28" wide by 15" deep by 14" high. The furniture is BIG compared to what we're used to with dollhouse items. I love the change but can't imagine how much room something like this scale would take in dollhouse form! I am hoping someone out there might see this and have a Schwarz catalogue that might help me date this piece. Thanks...have fun. Louise

  3. Hi Louise,
    F.A:O: Schwarz was only a toy seller. Your kitchen was made (or only sold?) by the Nuremberg Gebr. Bing company. I said "sold with a ?" as I suppose,(after studiing so many years Christian Hacker toys for my book) these kind of kitchens so similar to the Christian Hacker ones were ordered by Bing from the nearby Hacker company. Typical for "Bing"-kitchens are the big,often very colorful floor patterns.