Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wonderful Train Show Today!

My husband Harry and I went to a fantastic train show today! He is a grand model train lover and I have fallen into the hobby as well! Afterall, model trains are just a smaller version of my dollhouse town! Harry loves the new super tech trains, primarily Lionel, are the pieces he searches for. I am, however, enthralled with the old pre-war (WWII) trains with their little signs of years of play. In particular, I like the lithographed tin cars probably because of my love for lithographed dollhouse items---be it tin, wood or paper. The Lionel Lines 262E train was one of my great purchases today---1933-34 only---mine is in terrific condition! Pictured at left, it is a smart looking train, with wonderful copper "pipes" trimming the front boiler. Brass trims the windows and a few of the other parts of the train and it has a very heavy metal engine. I will get photos taken soon. I also found the wonderful Unique Lines tin litho'd train cars today that I've been looking at for over a year and decided to splurge and buy the two circus train cars today! Next entry will have them here for you to see! Lots of fun!

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