Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NEED Help in figuring out who ADUA Candy shop was made by!

Here is the interior of the AUDA shop that I need help in identifying. The sign on the wall behind the counter says "Bonbon(e/s) ADUA Fins" . Scroll down to the next photo to view the maker's mark. Does anyone recognize who this might be? I"m assuming it is French but that is all I know.
I was noticing the style of the telephone on the counter at the right and the hairstyle of the clerk. It is Europe v.s. the USA so what? 1930's? 1940's? Strangely there is what looks to be a florescent light fixture lithographed on the ceiling as well. Not sure but it looks like the ones we have now. The shop is beautiful with its dainty, colorful and plentiful lithography on three tin walls. The floor also has a litho pattern on it. All the walls fold down to fit inside the "deep" floor---a great put-away toy! I fell in love with this little shop when I saw it but it has always been a mystery to me! Any help from my blogger friends would be so welcomed! You have all been so helpful to date! I hope I can help some of you in the future.

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