Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I need everyone's help in trying to find some history on this adorable sweet shop named ADUA. There is a note stamped on the back that says it was made in France. So, my question is was this the French equivalent to our See's Candie Store?
I just love the wonderful lithography on the interior walls depicting all sorts of delicious treats and it even has the store clerk behind the candy cases. The walls fold in and it all fold neatly into the base for quick and easy storage. I've never seen anything about ADUA so I'm hoping someone out there might be able to help me learn more about this piece. The lady in the litho appears to be c. 1940's?? What do you think? HELP!!


  1. Hello Louise, I suggest you send a message to BĂ©atrice DASSONVILLE on Dolls Houses Past & Present, with a link to this blog post, and ask her if she knows anything about it. Or Sarah Boirin, who lives in France.
    It's a lovely shop, it would be great to know more about it!
    cheers, Rebecca

  2. Thank you Rebecca....I did just that but nothing yet. I just posted some new photos of it with a makers ID so hopefully someone will recognise it that way. I'd love to know more too! Hugs, Louise