Monday, October 5, 2009

This is the charming period ARCADE bathroom (1925-36) with the tub in one corner and the "shower stall" (actually all they had was the cast iron shower stall base) in the other back corner. Don't you just love the "little dandy" fellow trying to reach the bowl? I took pity on him and provided a lavendar stool to make things! I think we surprised the gentleman...don't you?


  1. Hmm, had to much to drink at dinner? Just as well you placed the stool there!
    Is this an Arcade room? Or where is the tiling from? It is great with this period furniture. My mum lives in a house built in 1937, which still has the original bathroom, and the bathroom floor (and in front of the fireplaces) has small multicoloured tiles rather like this!

  2. No, sadly, the tile wallpaper is new...I don't have the original ARCADE bathroom walls but I'd love to find them for sale! I love the old flooring in real homes and the floor paper in this bathroom is a good replica of the rose blush linoelum (spelling?) floors we used to have. If you'd like some of this tile paper I could check at the local dollhouse shop for you... just let me know. Louise