Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here are more Stevens & Brown USA cast iron pieces of furniture all done in a smaller scale than those pieces in the photos below. These pieces are the sleigh beds, sofa and low table in the downstairs parlor on the left.
The card interior design of this house is an exact match to that found in the wonderfully lithographed "Dolly's Play House" made by the McLoughlin Bro. USA c. 1900. Interestingly, this version looks older, not nearly as colorful or lithographed like that in the Dolly's Play House version. I have both of these houses.
It is my thought that perhaps this house's interior was sold first, or in addition to the other version. This not-as-colorful version of card interior must have been placed into this home-made wooden house to give it more support as the wood exterior is somewhat primitive. Does anyone know more about these two versions of interiors?


  1. Lovely pictures of some really interesting pieces Louise! liz x

  2. Hi Liz!! Thanks for visiting my attic again! I'd love to have some of my mini 'mysteries' solved! Hopefully someone out there will have some information! Glad you enjoyed my latest photos! I'll be putting more up soon. Hugs...