Saturday, November 21, 2009

Want to Buy: Westacre, England pieces!
I am interested in buying Westacre pieces of furniture, some of which are described in the article at left. I really need lamps-table and floor, bookcase and tables.
If anyone has Westacre FOR SALE I would love for you to email me at or just send me a photo and price at that address. I am trying to complete an English house.


  1. Hi Louise, I think Westacre pieces are pretty rare - I certainly don't see them on ebay often, and when they come up, they go for a lot of money! So sorry can't help with any for sale - but wow, what a list! Are there more photos? I'd love to see more if there are :-)

  2. Hi Rebecca. I don't EVER see these pieces and most people don't know who made them when they do have them for sale. I have a few photos of the pieces I have if you'd like to see them I could post them. I'd love ALL of the pieces, of course! I've collected photos of Westacre over the years because I just love the charm they exude. I don't mind paying the $$$ if I can find them. Thanks for visiting my attic whenever you can!