Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1884 Charlotte's English House

Here is one of my latest acquisitions---1884 Charlotte's English house! I love the larger scale of the house and it has both the date and the little girl's name "Charlotte" engraved on the bottom edge underneath the door and the front bay window. We know exactly who the house's first owner was which is very special. The house has been re-painted over the years but remains quite original otherwise. Shhhhushhh....there is a baby in a basket that has been left on the doorstep!
The lady of the house is a dollhouse collector and the gentleman a military arms collector.
Furnished with a lot of lovely Gottschalk furniture, the final touches are still being made to make sure that the furnishings are as old as the house.
I believe that the previous owner added the not-so-pleasant faux stained door panels in the double front doors of the house which will disappear sometime in the near future.

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